Tulsa XPO Postmortem

Last weekend was Tulsa XPO Games Festival. The event was great, and all us game devs in the Oklahoma area owe a great big thank you to Richard Mitchell for bringing this gaming event to Tulsa. Hero Factor Games is a relative newcomer to the video game scene in Tulsa. You might not know it but Tulsa is actually in the top 25 cities (barely, at number 24) that spend the most on video games each year. The Tulsa area supports two gaming conventions (XPO and Heartland), six colleges with game development programs (TU, OU, OSU, OCU, TTC, and RSU), and a variety of game dev studios.

The event was a huge benefit for us at Hero Factor Games. During the course of the weekend dozens of people people played our games. The feedback was fantastic! The overwhelming response was that the basic game mechanic is definitely fun and engaging. Many of our players were engaged in our games for upwards of twenty minutes and left with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. We also know where we need to improve and we have already started overhauling our user interface to be more responsive and intuitive.

One of our favorite parts of being at the XPO was meeting other developers and making friends. Check out the list of game devs we had the blessing to meet and interact with:
Create Something Interesting: This studio is run by Daniel Jackson and he is making some fun puzzle games.
Adam Miller: Adam is going at it alone and has created a fantastic experience in The Lost Cave of the Ozarks.
Steelehouse Productions: Steelehouse has been in Tulsa for a while and has recently started working in the VR space. You should definitely check them out.
Gamesbymo: This studio is out of Canada. We really had a blast with Mo and Raphael over the course of the weekend and we look forward to seeing them more in the years to come. Check out their upcoming game A.N.N.E.
New Experience Workshop Games: This is a board game studio that was located at the booth next to us. We immediately hit it off with this couple. Their games are unique and fun.
Nyamakop: Ben Myres spoke at a few of the panels during the event and he always brought an intelligent, indie focused perspective. We really enjoyed his insight, personality, and his game, Semblance.
Frostkeep Studios: This is a studio based in California with AAA origins whose booth was located near ours. They got to tell us all about their upcoming game, Rend, while we swapped experiences.
Brain&Brain: This is a little studio based in Fayetteville, AR run by a couple that we had the pleasure of conversing with about elements of storytelling. You should definitely check out their wonderfully quirky folktale adventure, Burly Men at Sea.
Volcano Bean: Our artists hit it off with the devs at this St. Louis-based studio, as we swapped stories about the challenges of designing for isometric perspective. Check out their adorable RPG, Battlecakes.

Gaming in Tulsa Oklahoma is here to stay. We have a strong gaming community, education focus, and a stable development presence. We are honored to be a part of what is happening and hope to add the best we have to offer.

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