The Prequel Starring Nobody's Favorite Scaly Mammal

If you've been dying to know what all the fuss over pangolins is about, the wait is over! Building up to the arrival of World Pangolin Day, we're excited to announce the title of our upcoming game - The Pangolin's Puzzle!

This lovely little logic puzzle game acts as a prequel, setting up what's to come for our ambitious Nobody's Favorites project. It tells the story of how a precious pangolin comes to join the Nobody's Favorites crew as she embarks on an unexpected and daring rescue mission that will put your reasoning and critical thinking skills to the test. The Pangolin's Puzzle is full of heart and imagination, with gorgeous, colorful artwork and an immersive soundtrack to set the mood for this enthralling expedition. 

If you are anxious to meet some adorable, endearing characters and challenge yourself with some brain-teasing logic puzzles - good news! This game is coming soon! While you wait, you can help us out by signing up for our email list and following us on social media for updates on our progress. You might even get some sneak peeks of what's in store for you and our little pangolin pal!

For more information, look here!
The Pangolin's Puzzle website
Nobody's Favorites Facebook page