We’ve Got a New Game in the Works That’ll Really Hook its Claws Into You!

“Nobody’s Favorites” is a puzzle adventure game to build a zoo unlike any other. Travel to exotic biomes to convince the noisiest, nastiest, and downright gnarliest members of the animal kingdom to join your zoo community. These eccentric misfits are tired of being overlooked and tossed aside, so you’ll have to prove that you appreciate them for who they are. Featuring an original twist on the classic logic grid puzzle that will put your reasoning skills to the test. 

But the mischief doesn’t stop once you’ve successfully recruited them into your zoo! They’ve brought their bad tempers and biases right along with their favorite furniture. You’ll need a sympathetic heart as you explore their stories and learn more about these amazing animals’ plight in the wild. You’ll also need a strategic brain to coax the cranky critters to finally work together to save their homes, livelihoods, and friendships… and above all, to build a thriving, happy zoo!

“Nobody’s Favorites” is an ambitious game for our small indie game studio, but it’s got us howling with excitement! In order to finish it we need your support! You can help in two very important ways:

First, look for our Kickstarter campaign coming in early 2018. Even a couple of bucks helps to provide the coffee that fuels the ideas. Plus, we’ll have some pretty wild rewards!

Second, sign up for our email list and follow our posts to keep up with our progress. Just to tickle your whiskers, we’re releasing a small teaser game along with our Kickstarter campaign to introduce you to some of our game’s most iconic characters and give you a whiff of its unique, original gameplay!

We’re just 4 months away from launching this teaser app! So quit dragging your hooves—gallop on over to nobodysfavorites.com and start discovering the world’s most lovable unloved animals!