Blessed With More Helping Hands

This announcement is a little late, but better late than never! We've got some new team members to introduce!

Chris Hendricks is our animator and music composer. Chris is from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. His first full-time job in the game industry started in 2005, where he worked as an animator, game designer, music composer, and igloo furniture-maker for Disney's Club Penguin. He also spent 6 years working at Hyper Hippo Games, lending his game developing skills to a variety of mobile and desktop titles (including the theme song for mobile hit AdVenture Capitalist). Chris Hendricks enjoys board games and nature walks, and has no sense of smell!

Mike is a husband, father of three, software developer, tester & producer with over 20 years experience and is an aspiring voice actor.  He has built and managed teams both onshore and offshore of over 30 developers, QA analysts and configuration managers.  His heart is in the creation of video games through world building and in-game systems.  He enjoys video games, movies, books and tabletop games as well! He is very excited and honored to be working with Hero Factor Games providing QA and Release Management.

We're incredibly thankful to have these wonderful people join us on this project!