Our Team is Growing

We are excited to announce that our team just keeps growing bigger!

Avery is currently working as an artist for the company, doing the final character art. She's a sophomore in college, attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Her plan is to major in visual communications and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her hobbies include doing freelance artwork, playing viola, reading, and doing outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. She loves animals and specializes in animal artwork. She's very excited to be a part of the Hero Factor family, so please help her feel welcome!

Josh is our coding intern who has been brought on board to learn more about coding while he works closely with Tim, which allows Tim to focus more on the big picture. Josh is currently attending Oklahoma State University and pursuing a degree in computer science. His interests include science fiction, video games, and puzzles. In his free time Josh plays games with his family, such as the Jackbox Party Pack or Overwatch. We are very blessed to have him with us!