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Posted December 29, 2016
Written by Taylor
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“Did I just hear what I thought I heard?! You know that our family doesn’t support that kind of junk. Where on earth do you come up with these vulgar video games, anyway?”
“Mom, YOU bought this game for me.”

Has this scenario ever played out in your household? Have you ever purchased a game that gets awesome reviews, only to blush in embarrassment when you reach that one scene that nobody mentioned? Or, have you gone out of your way to track down a game with positive morals, only to have your kids toss it aside after one play session and return to their far less wholesome, but far more interesting favorites?

If so, you’re not alone. As game players, we’re growing up, in more ways than one. We have more responsibilities and less time to waste on cheap, shallow thrills. As we grow in our pursuit of godliness, we’re becoming more sensitized to the muck of our culture that is in direct conflict with God’s nature and calling on our lives. And as game developers, we understand the power of interactive media, like games, to entrench ideas in our minds. That is why we’re committed to making games that fill players’ minds with positive ideas.

That’s also why we have decided to begin reviewing games made by other developers, both Christian and secular. Our rating system will include the topics you’re used to seeing in other reviews:
  • What’s the production quality of this game? How does it stack up to our expectations in visuals, sound, storytelling, mechanics, and the all-important user experience?
  • How challenging is this game, and can I expect to enjoy it if I have clumsy fingers or if thinking hard makes my brain hurt?
But, we’ll also cover the deeper, ethical topics that most reviewers won’t touch with a ten-foot pole:
  • What content does the game contain that could either nourish my soul or desensitize my conscience?
  • What is the game’s overall message, and does that jive with a biblical worldview, or with the ideas I want to present to my children?
We know everyone’s sensibilities and sensitivities are different, so we will do our best to remain objective and allow you to draw conclusions for yourself and your children. We’ll chime in with our opinions where we think it may spur interesting discussion.

We hope that these reviews will help you in your quest to be discerning about what you feed your heart. We also hope to support our brothers within the Christian gaming industry who are working hard to produce quality products with a worldview that is becoming increasingly unpopular. We hope that if you share those beliefs, you will find these posts a convenient way to promote their work and engage with other Christian gamers. In short, we hope that these reviews will give you the opportunity to use your powers for good, in making informed choices and making an impact on the gaming community!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you interested in content-based game reviews? What kinds of review topics would you like to see? Got any games you’d like to hear about or share with the community? Leave us a comment below!



December 31, 2016

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